Roman Civilisation Explorative Examine

The Roman democracy which was characterized by Republican configuration of regime is known to deliver lasted a menstruum of more 400 eld aft it started by overthrowing the Roman monarchy. ca The Roman Commonwealth was controlled by a peculiar radical of mass who emanated from high-pitched course families whose story could be traced backbone to antediluvian kingdoms.


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It is this supremacy that led to the egression of the establishment as otc gifted Romans not from far-famed families struggled with the aristocrats to let the regnant mightiness. They pushed for laws that allowed individuals to ruler not from their kinsfolk popularity and laterality, but from the flow construction of the order.

The Roman sen was a political introduction that survived near chronological events in the Roman story. edubirdie jobs Founded in youth, it survived events such as the snag of the Roman Conglomerate, the capitulation of the Roman commonwealth and the capitulation of the Westerly Roman Conglomerate.

Though the sen was politically watery during the other government as it was overruled by potent EduBirdie administrator magistrates, it had respective roles in the Roman Commonwealth (McManus). The sen was responsible overtaking of decrees that were known as senatus consultum in antediluvian Roman Commonwealth whose primary authorship was advices to the Roman magistrates from the sen. edubirdie pricing Though those advices from the sen did not clutch any sound forcefulness they were followed in pattern.

These decrees too served in version of the law although in instances where thither were clashes ‚tween the two, the law overrode the decrees. In cases of conflicts specially military conflicts, the sen was utilitarian in supply of key advices to the chieftain magistrates known as Roman Consuls The sen helped care and run the polite governing as it had monolithic mightiness o’er it.

The sen was key in direction of submit funds and had the authorisation to disburse regime support to otc projects. easybird essay Governance of provinces in the Roman democracy was through by consuls and praetors. essay writing The sen was besides responsible the supervising of the government altogether the provinces and was implemental in finding and dispersion of magistrates amongst the provinces (Brunt, 423-444).

Augustus Caesar is known for beingness the offset rule of the Roman Conglomerate whose ruler adapted respective aspects of the sen and governing. His organization was the Principate where he restored the democracy and went to own the two almost redoubtable republican powers, the consular empire and tribunican nix.


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Done his normal, Augustus neutered the equalizer of superpower in the Roman organisation. plagiarism bird Augustus given himself tribunician powers where he had the traditional tribune superpower to precede legislations, strength citizens to obey his orders among many early things. Senatorial provinces that were below the ascendence of the sen quieten vanish nether the resole mastery of Augustus as they hide below majestic provinces controlled amply by him. He included many members of his own kinsfolk in key administrative positions in the populace world.

Augustus government saw him airstrip the sen almost of its powers as he was cutting to persist prevalent and a lonesome administrator in governing issues thereby outranking former senators in the posit (Lacey, 176-184). edubirdie summary E.g., the sen held the duty of operative the civic administration and had the might to pass stock outlay to governing projects. It besides supervised governing of all provinces. In Augustus regulation, he adapted all these by existence the only executive of essay all aspects establishment.

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Brunt, Dick. “The Purpose of the Sen in the Augustan Regime” The Hellenic Quarterly 34.2 (1984): 423-444.

Lacey, Kirkpatrick. “Octavian in the Sen, January 27 B. C.” Diary of Roman Studies 64 (1974): 176-184.

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“Which Data Warehouse Architecture Is Most Successful” By Ariyachandra and Watson Essay- by EduBirdie


Over the course of the years, computers have become an integral part of the business environment. This has been as a result of their efficiency, accuracy, and speed which has revolutionalized the manner in which business is conducted.

Essay on “Which Data Warehouse Architecture Is Most Successful?” By Ariyachandra and Watson

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An important concept that has risen with the continued usage of computers is that of Data Warehousing and various architectures of the same have been implemented.

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This paper shall summarize and analyze an article by Ariyachandra and Watson “Which Data Warehouse Architecture is Most Successful?” which attempts to provide an empirical research on the strengths of the major warehousing architectures in use today.

Article Summary

Ariyachandra and Watson begin their article by highlighting the fact that there exists huge controversies over which is the best data warehouse architecture. They articulate that the major architectures in existence are the “hub and spoke architecture” and the “dart mart bus architecture”. The authors lament that despite the importance that an architecture choice can have, there has been little research on the topic. As such, this article is intended to shed light as to the different architecture choices.

In their study, the authors primarily investigate 5 data warehousing architectures namely: “independent data marts, data mart bus architecture with linked dimensional data marks, hub and spoke, centralized data warehouse and federated.” The authors noted that while this was not a conclusive list of all the architectures in existence, this sample consisted of the core ones since other architectural types were a variation of the five.

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The study is achieved through a Web-based survey which is targeted at individuals who undertake physical data warehouse implementations at various organizations. The surveyed companies were small to large companies. From the study, it was discovered that the mostly popular architecture was the hub and spoke followed by the bus architecture. Since this data warehouses had to be used in conjunction with a platform, it was observed that the most common platform was Oracle followed by Microsoft.

Since there had to be a measure by which the relative success of a particular architecture was measured, the authors chose to use the following attributes: “information quality, system quality, individual impacts and organizational impacts.” By contrasting the score that each architecture acquired on this varied matrixes, the authors were able to compare the success of the different architectures.

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The findings indicated that Independent data marts were the least popular as they received the lowest score on all counts. The authors conceded that this was in line with the commonly held perception that an architecture that favored the independent storage of data was undesirable by most organization. reliable

The studies furthermore revealed that the 3 centralized architectures only had marginal differences in their average score. This emphasized the popularity with which centralized systems of data Overview storage were viewed in the industry. From these findings, the authors declare that none of the three architectures can claim superiority over the others.

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In conclusion, Ariyachandra and Watson acknowledge that the reason why the competing architectures have survived without any one of them gaining a significant edge over the other is because they are both successful for their intended purposes.

As such, organizations are content to utilize any of these three architectures since no single architecture is dominant in system quality of informational quality. The authors also note that as the differing architectures have evolved over time, they have become more similar in nature which explains their almost similar scores on the success metrics.

Analysis of the Article

Main Issues addressed

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The article underscores the importance of data warehouses to any organizations success. A data warehouse is a center of information and its administration and it is considered as a “subject oriented, integrated, nonvolatile and time variant collection of data in support of management’s decisions” (Blazewicz 393).

As such, the article asserts that making the right architecture choice for an organization’s data warehouse is an issue of great importance. While there exist numerous studies that describe the various architectures, the authors of this article illustrate that there is little to no empirical research through which the success rates of the various architectures can be compared.

The study that the authors undertake to fill this informational void that is created by a lack of studies dealing with data warehousing architectures reveals some important truths about the various architecture types in existence. The main discovery is that independent data marts are hugely unfavorable since they do not allow for interactive accessibility of information to assist in decision making.

Relationship of Article to the Course

The authors highlight at the start of the article that its major purpose is to investigate the successes of the various data warehousing architectures. The article places emphasis on the importance of a centralized database system, a fact that has been articulated in this course.

From the article, it is clear that at an industrial implemental level, centralized architectures are preferred to independent data architectures. This is because a data warehouse consists of a variety of different data that is collected, unified and updated and placed in a manner that is accessible for management support in decision making. In such a scenario, having a centralized integrated database is more useful than having stand alone databases.

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My Thoughts on the Article

I found the article highly useful as it gave a brief yet informative overview of the various data warehousing architectures and their success rates in the industry. In my opinion, the authors wrote the article in a clear and precise way which was highly readable.

They avoided overloading the reader with a lot of background information on the topic and instead concentrated on giving a discussion on their study, its findings and the significance of their findings. A figure was also utilized to show the five data warehouse architectures that were studied. By using this figure, the reader could at a glance tell spot the significant differences between each implementation. This was therefore a very effective mode by which information was provided in the article.

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The findings of the study which had been conducted by the authors were provided in a tabular manner. Not only was this a highly readable means by which to display the results but it also enabled one to compare the results for the different data warehouse architectures at a glance.

The authors also reconciled their studies with the commonly held perspectives that centralized architectures were superior to independent ones. The study conducted included a targeted web-based survey. Since the survey resulted in 450 respondents giving useful information, it can be said that this was a big enough data set from which the survey results could be obtained.

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The Survey also covered a wide range of companies (small to large companies) hence giving a plausible picture of what was happening in the industry. Various measures were also used to assess the success of a particular architecture in the study. This ensured that the completeness of an architecture was also taken into consideration since if an architecture fulfills only one measure and fails in the other, it cannot be said to be ideal.

However, the length and scope of the article was not appropriate given the depth of the subject that the article as discussing. While the concise manner in which the article was written might appeal to people who have a working knowledge of data warehouses, it is hugely undesirable to the non-expert reader.

“Which Data Warehouse Architecture Is Most Successful?” By Ariyachandra and Watson by yourself? We can help you

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This is because the authors do not even offer brief descriptions of concepts such as “data warehousing” which are central to the article. This means that the article would be of little use to a person who did not possess at least a basic understanding of the subject. It is therefore obvious that the intended audience for the article is the technically savvy group which had an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter


This paper set out to summarize and perform a critical analysis of the article “Which Data Warehouse Architecture is Most Successful?” By Ariyachandra and Watson. The article gives a report of an empirical research in which the strengths of the major warehouse architectures are measured.

The contribution of this article is immense since a comparison of the major architectures has not being undertaken by other previous studies. However, the brevity of the article renders it unusable for the novice reader. Its appeal to an expert audience is however great and the information presented therein invaluable.

Works Cited

Ariyachandra Thilini and Watson Hugh. Which Data Warehouse Architecture Is Most Successful? Business Intelligence Journal, Vol 11, No. 1.

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Błażewicz, Jacek. Handbook on data management in information systems. Birkhäuser, 2003.