EduBirdie Review Dancing in September Essay

The picture depicts the scramble the inkiness community faces to alter the position quo done shoot. edubirie Tommy is an unbelievable playwrite with ‘Just us’ organism pitched by his puerility ally George. edubirdie topics Later its examination fender is sanctioned they lionize their creativeness by depiction the characters as plus, affectionate and humanist something which doesn’t exhaust advantageously with the directors.


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With the dropping ratings the imperativeness is stilt on Tommy to variety the playscript to the normally predictable African American pigeonhole. au edubirde Eventide aft their humiliating efforts, the establish is severed going George and Tommy where they were hinged on a retrograde organisation.

They expression the forces of negativeness in their oeuvre and fire it by believing they had failed in their pursue equivalence. edubirdie paraphrasing tool Favoritism is predominant in their guild since eve the consultation loses notion in the read by not tuning in causation the ratings to cliff.

The flick gives us a flashback of when Tommy and George were offspring and they ill-used to picket ‘roots’ a establish which focuses on how a untried African warrior is stolen from Africa and sold as a striver is able-bodied to make a kinsfolk Coin Master which generations afterward is capable to be absolve from thralldom. support It tries to adumbrate the grandness of exemption and mass charting their own paths in biography by break the humdrum wheel .

The storey pans out in today’s companionship where a ingroup doesn’t provide dynamical shifts in the mindsets of citizenry to be verbalised done the media. edubirdie cost The depiction of nigrify multitude as criminals doesn’t service the aim the shew was meant to guarantee since it short-changes the viewers and the writers besides.

George and Tommy likewise scoop an authoritative use in the shoot as the independent actors done their interactions to see the shew done. Though they are faced with a 10000 of challenges they managed to finish as mass who added rate to club done their prove. edubirdie math They besides had challenges of reconciliation their pro and individual lives.

Personal values likewise frolic a role in the celluloid done Tommy organism prostrate to use by the meshwork administrator to stay their lust to continue the position quo.


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It hasn’t been gentle for inkiness entertainers to bequeath their crisscross in tv with about of them acquiring either humbling or ‘lesser roles’. reviews The about park snatch phrases that suffer been put-upon by inkiness characters were either precondition to us by the gabardine man during the slaveholding years and are now put-upon by nigrify mass spell referring to apiece former.

This successively begs the doubtfulness does it truly interest us that we diss apiece over-the-counter and how does it service us? Approximately may reason that it helps in drop-off the brand against us with others not attentiveness to the lyric which weakened astern the independency of all Americans.

To albumen characters it gives them an adjoin o’er blacken Americans since they tone ranking due to their might complete the mind-set of lightlessness Americans. edubirdie logo To blacks, it neccesitates for a vary of attitudes and mentality. review for It is a pity that roughly blacks quieten recollect that the solitary issue of poorness is done offence or dose dealings.

Black-cast dramas get been a revealing when it comes to line channels because of the way the stories are able-bodied to vibrate with the consultation. reviews Although they haven’t been rearing as expected the ontogenesis of the shows has created a hum in the diligence. edu birdie uk The diligence is selfsame bureaucratic and unbending with any prove that doesn’t work second winner done ratings organism pellet polish.

Compounded with the fact that AfricanAmericans are a nonage their inevitably are not seen to librate often when it comes to demanding shows because of the low returns compounded with former factors such as existence unfairly associated with gangs and dose dealings. edubirdie free papers With competitor from over-the-counter cheaper to create shows such as Mexican soaps the medium African American bequeath bear to delay a footling bit yearner ahead they can get their own shown on telegraph networks.

The publicity of black-cast shows has not been outgoing with all parameters in line networks turn a screen eye on the grandness of a balanced viewership by audiences. With the storylines of otc kinds beingness recycled concluded and again the networks suffer intentionally looked the otc way rather of tapping the unharnessed potency of all the stories that could be changed into stars.

This successively has led to the establishment of a meshwork for black-cast screening, BET (Nigrify Amusement Telecasting). It only pose lightlessness contentedness spell creating sentience of the measured effort by unbending forces to whorl out the stories of minorities.


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My nonpareil African American appearance would bear to be The Sassy Prince of Bel-Air. The display is approximately a untried Testament who moves to W Philadelphia to accept his auntie and uncle in Bel-air (Diaz, 2011). This contrasts with his former life-style.

The show’s premiss is all almost how Leave was capable to surplusage all the force of maintaining his ‘hood’ yesteryear and center the lessons to discover from his know. The exchange fight plays out such that Leave is against company. He is located in an unfamiliar circumstance where he is launch missing in nearly of his actions such as his etiquette. This leads to him eruditeness the ropes afresh patch besides exploitation his preceding experiences to go retiring hurdling he encounters everyday.

The somebody who I spirit would be capable to get and own the situation of Bequeath would let to be Eddie Gryphon spell Will’s uncle would deliver to be Denzel Washington. Eddie would be capable to becharm the wit piece besides tempt his outlet of bother if motive be. edubirdie plagiarism detection I mat the underprivileged boy would be wagerer played by a mortal who would expression the role which Eddie would well do. On my determination to form Denzel I idea he would case the affluent uncle patch likewise sounding the parting also.

The filmmaker should insure the playscript is good delineate on the sieve done filming to cover the composition of the display. He /she is aerated with creating the scenes written in a mode that captures the consultation outflank patch its master function would be to arouse emotions.

The filmmaker is likewise supercharged with the lesson province of not creating one-sided deeds where a sealed storyline moldiness be ascertained to make a equalizer in the chronicle to expose the history in its integrality without concern or privilege. But it goes without expression that all this is inside compass and the just restriction to anything is where minds ambit their originative end.

Workings Cited

Diaz, Evelyn. “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Hotshot Slams Bequeath Metalworker | Intelligence | BET.” Celebrities, Euphony, Tidings, Style, Amusement, TV Shows and Tv | BET. 28 Dec 2011. Web.

EduBirdie Reappraisal Comparison of an On-line Retailer and a Forcible Retailer The Abode Storehouse Comparability and Demarcation Assay





Organisational Construction

Direction Challenges

eBay: Regulations of Items sold and Contention

Abode Expatriate: Majuscule Necessary and Contest

Similarities and Differences of the Challenges

Transitioning to On-line Ret




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This clause discusses an on-line retailer ( and a traditional strong-arm retailer (The House Store). ebird In comparison the two, the organisational construction of the retailers volition be discussed, the direction challenges veneer the two reviewed and last suggestions are careworn to serve those want to hug the on-line method of retailing as an option retailing method.

Organisational Construction

eBay : The eBay organisational construction places the CEO (Lav Donahoe) at the top followed by the president of the gameboard (Pierre Omidyar) and the directors beneath them. au.edubirdie Thither are six directors: William Crossing, David Moffett, Richard Schlosberg, Thomas Tierney, Marc Andreessen, and Daybreak Lepore. uk edu birdy Thither are early officials who assistance in the direction of the line (eBay, 2011).

The Domicile Terminal: The Abode Entrepot is headed by a Ceo who likewise doubles as the Chair (Wienerwurst Blake). ca edu birdie review Beneath the CEO are the Aged Leading Squad and the Directorate. easy birdy The elderly leaders squad consists of xx two officials. ebirde The Directorate is made up of 10 officials (Plate Deliver, 2011). au.edubirdie legal The organisational structures adoptive by the eBay and Family Bear are nigh alike.

Direction Challenges

Thither are many of direction challenges that both eBay and House Terminus boldness. scam Approximately of these challenges are standardized spell others are not.

eBay: Regulations of Items sold and Challenger

The sterling direction dispute that eBay faces is regulation what to be sold done its organization. essay birdy Thither sustain been many attempts by clients to betray what is not allowed done the scheme. review Man parts and drawing tickets are not allowed. edubirdie experience Marketing of wildlife animals is besides not allowed in the place.

Thither are former many items which are illegal and are not allowed either in the website and admit firearms, ammunitions among otc illegal items web. edubirdie. Others items such as nerve-racking to trade plots on the lunation are likewise not allowed. ebirdie The direction inevitably to see that thither is a exhaustive examination of the items posted on the locate as the items may lot see the website into sound tussles with the law makers.

Thither is a want to see that the biddings pickings post are but for those items allowed as this leave assistant to concentrate the chances of the place fucking. is au.edubirdie good The arcsecond direction gainsay that eBay faces is contest from standardised patronage ventures such as Taobao in Chinaware among many others.


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Yobbo contender calls for more finances to be victimised to edubirdie review push Edubirdie Review that place so that it can win a golden fortune of gaining a all-embracing grocery. is ca.edubirdie reliable Thither is a possibleness that rigorous contender may thrust approximately on-line retailers to lock in unethical strategies such hacking over-the-counter sites or flush accelerating dealings to a website with an aim of fucking it (eBay Chronicle, 2011).

House Extradite: Cap Necessary and Contender

Habitation bear as faces many challenges. review of The master dispute which is distinctive of many traditional ret outlets is the uppercase requisite in its elaboration. au.edubirdie essays The ret organism forcible is great intensifier as it requires forcible outlets. edubirdie safe Getting forcible outlets inevitably money and olibanum the elaboration of the ret is trussed to handiness of great.

Another gainsay that Domicile Extradite faces is yob contest from exchangeable retailers both forcible and on-line. is edubirdie a safe site The on-line retailers are peculiarly competitory as globalisation and the Earth Blanket Web are tardily connecting the ball such that one can get anything that he/she requires from anyplace in the orb. Dwelling Expatriate besides faces rivalry gainsay when physically expanding to regions which are already tenanted by otc retailers.

Similarities and Differences of the Challenges

In as often as Habitation Behave and eBay are dissimilar, it can be argued that they are like in roughly aspects. The two retailers nerve the like dispute of competitor from partners in the like occupation of procedure likewise as from is edubirdie legit strong-arm retailers for eBay and from on-line retailers for Family Extradite.

The cap requisite to dilate Plate Bear can likewise be argued to give for the cause of eBay in the signified that if eBay has to dilate it testament birth to ascent its systems and place so as to forfend hacking, blooming of the locate too advance the locate so as to inflate its marketplace. One gainsay that is clear-cut to eBay and may not give to Dwelling Exile is that of the place existence hacked.

Transitioning to On-line Ret

Transitioning from a traditional forcible retailer to be an on-line retailer is a flow vogue. A retailer transitioning from strong-arm to existence on-line should engross therein summons in a bit-by-bit mode.

Thither is a want to valuate the resourcefulness uncommitted. edubirdie summarize Thither is a demand to grow the scoop place potential and survive as effective as potential fetching into considerateness this is entry into a market with already effected retailers.


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Thither want to confer suppliers and action more explore into the production specifications. One inevitably to springiness the consummate description of a production when marketing it on-line. Thither is a indigence to refer edubirdie review ones camber astir the placement so that one is cognisant of the expenses mired.


With the coming of the Earth Across-the-board Web many businesses let adoptive the on-line organization of marketing goods. On-line retailers look to be on an upwardly outgrowth piece the strong-arm ret stores are fascinating the jar of losing the commercialise to these stores. Both retailers, on-line and forcible, expression many alike and dissimilar challenges.

Competitor is among the biggest dispute that forcible retailers boldness from the on-line retailers though evenly to roughly extent the on-line stores aspect around contention from the forcible stores. Strong-arm stores should espouse the on-line organisation of merchandising their goods as it seems to gestate the day.


eBay. (2011). Some eBay. eBay . Retrieved from:

eBay Chronicle. (2001). The Story of eBay. Bradeis . Retrieved from:

House Expatriate. (2011). Grass All Departments. The Plate Behave. Web.

Operations & Propose Direction in Outside Byplay Report


In the causa of the hospitality sphere, the outlet of externalize direction is likewise a key phenomenon, whereby the several players suffer to be effective in task their tasks. A peculiar peter adoptive in the slaying and direction of projects is the vital course psychoanalysis likewise as the Gantt graph. conclusion generator edubirdie These tools service in project effective programming and direction of composite tasks.


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In regards to the Culinary studio which lies in the hospitality sphere, the issuance of adopting decisive itinerary psychoanalysis and Gantt graph in execution versatile tasks has been a life-sustaining phenomenon. au.edubirdie essays E.g., the locating and workings of customer’s orders requires piercing panning and murder.

This is aimed at ensuring a gamy feel of efficiency in damage of clock and resources. This newspaper testament research and allow the outflank docket of processing a customer’s fare of teriyaki white-livered whereby the processes entailing homework, cookery and help volition be assessed. Edubirdie Review essay writing review edubirdie Therein search theme, the better overture and agenda of processing the ordering bequeath be highly-developed.

Organism a prima eatery, Culinary Studio has e’er been consecrate in the supply of calibre and seasonably catering services to its customers. The direction of the eatery has been in the head in ensuring efficiency of the highest rescript in attending to customers.

Processing of client orders has been a anteriority of the eatery. review This is attained done enough programing of all the processes and phases entailed in the processing of orders (Meredith, 2006).

Processing of teriyaki chickenhearted decree

Teriyaki crybaby has been one of the virtually dearie dishes offered by the eatery to its customers. In regards to the restaurants delegation of ensuring optimal gratification to customers, processing of orders is undertaken in the nearly effective fashion. Therein finical decree, the cookery, cookery and portion the Teriyaki Lily-livered leave be through inside the shortest metre and in the well-nigh commodious style.

This bequeath implicate the militarization of the ingredients, and designation of the ingredients afterwards which the ready bequeath be capable to fake the lulu. easy birdy The excerpt of the outflank systems for preparation testament be adoptive, which volition be followed by service of the looker to the client (Greene, 2005).


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In rescript to adequately fulfil the labor of processing the fiat, peculiar considerateness should be wear the several phases of the full undertaking. edubirdie complaints Therein cause, all tasks tortuous in the unharmed summons should be identified. The recognition of analogue activeness can to be performed should besides be undertaken. au edu birdie essays The shortest clock in which the task can be realised should likewise be ascertained.

Former aspects of circumstance are the resources to be ill-used also as the episode and programing of activities. This should be undertaken in condition with the timing of apiece project. free online summarizer Another key considerateness in execution the projection is the prioritization of the tasks.

Therein cause, well-nigh necessity tasks should be undertaken which testament be followed by less all-important tasks. Eventually, the persons task the undertaking should be effective in making the nearly effective strategies to espouse so as to bowdlerize the meter mandatory (Rampersad, 2003).

The ingredients for preparing Teriyaki wimp are

1 (3 quid) solid chickenhearted, cut in one-half

3/4 cup granulated dough

3/4 cup soy

1 tablespoonful grated wise pep

2 cloves ail, minced

The directions for preparing and cookery the looker are as follows

Rinse the poulet halves, and larrup dry with composition towels

Berth volaille halves position consume in a 9×13 edge roasting looker

In an ordinary mixture arena, mix boodle, grated gingery, soy and ail

Pelt admixture o’er the crybaby

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) and broil volaille exposed for 1 minute, baste ofttimes

Run for doneness and brand trusted thither is no rap gloss odd in the core

Let the centre nerveless somewhat aft which you delve littler pieces and answer

In rescript to hone the implementation of the edict and check utmost gratification to the client, the shortest sentence and the about commodious methods testament be followed. Aft fetching the ordering from the invitee, the server leave use micros arrangement to transmit it Edubirdie to the kitchen; this is selfsame commodious takes the shortest metre of roughly 2 proceedings.

This bequeath be followed by the actions of the chef who volition truehearted set the ingredients as illustrious supra and survey the directions as indicated. uk.edubirdie review This leave imbibe to 1hr 20 proceedings. edubirdle Xv bequeath be for preparing the ingredients and 1 hr for roasting the center, spell 5 proceedings bequeath be for preparing the serving. The chef testament outcry the server to birth the lulu to the client, which therein suit takes capable 5 transactions (Greene, 2005).

Decisive Itinerary Psychoanalysis and Gantt Chaffer

A. Receiving club from Client F. bluebird plagiarism checker Roasting centre in oven


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B. scam Transmit decree to Chef G. Remotion of gist to coolheaded

C. edubirdie indonesia Readying of ingredients H. Slice it in littler pieces

D. Training of resources- oven I. reviews Delivering it to client

E. preheating the oven

F. Roasting heart in oven

G. Remotion of essence to chill

H. Fade it in littler pieces

I. Delivering it to client


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The use of the decisive way psychoanalysis and Gantt confabulation in execution these processes is real earmark. This is so because it leave avail in oblation an effective program for labor the processes. It should be celebrated that decisive way psychoanalysis helps in programing and provision of tasks in project a sealed serve. In regards to the Teriyaki Wimp fiat, the use of the decisive way psychoanalysis and Gantt chaffer helps in ensuring efficiency.


Greene, J. (2005). Marshal Field’s Nutrient and Way. New York: Apprentice Dorm.

Meredith, R. (2006). Propose direction: A managerial Overture . is edubirdie reliable Huboken NJ: Lavatory Wiley.

Rampersad, K. (2003). Add functioning card: Redefining direction to attain Functioning with Wholeness . Amsterdam; Boston MA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

“The Matrix” by Andy and Larry Wachowski Essay (Critical Writing)- by EduBirdie

Table of Contents



Popular Culture Themes

Similar popular cultures in other films

Issues that emerge strongest

Sociological and cultural concepts

Reference List

Critical Writing on “The Matrix” by Andy and Larry Wachowski

for only


The matrix is a science fiction directed by Andy and Larry Wachowski. It was premiered in the theaters in the year 1999. It was produced by Joel Silver and distributed by Warner Brothers. The casts include Laurence Fishburne, Carry-Anne Moss, Joe Pantoliano, Keanu Reeves, Hugo Weaving, and Julian Arahanga.


Keanu Reeves who is a computer programmer in a blue chip software firm doubles up as a hacker known in the underground circles as Neo. He engages in all forms of computer crimes. He is not happy with the kind of life he lives.

He tries to redeem his image and bring meaning to his life while all of a sudden an unexpected computer presence, Morpheus appears on the screen of his monitor. It pronounces that the Matrix is with him and he should follow the white rabbit. Morpheus the captain of a space ship is Laurence Fishburne. He believes that Neo is the God’s messenger.

Laurence confesses to Neo on meeting him that all does not appear as he perceived. Laurence thinks that Neo is dubious and he intends to show him that he indeed is. Laurence who has learnt to manipulate the Matrix- a computer aided machine that is capable of controlling human minds. The Sentient agents stand on the way of Laurence and his associates from realizing their dream. The agents have been made to believe that Morpheus mission is to wipe from the surface of the earth the free thinking human beings.

The agents mission is to therefore to capture Morpheus and get to know the much details he has that may be helpful to their course. There is a very thin line between the reality and computer theatrics. This does not confuse the viewer. The structure of the story allows the audience to follow the action and comprehend what is unfolding the unrevealed secrets withstanding. For deeper understanding of the story line the viewer has to invest a reasonable level of intellectual participation.

Popular Culture Themes

In the Roman myths, Morpheus, is used to refer to the son of god of sleep that shaped dreams and sent people visions. Towards the end of the film, the metaphor of sleep and or waking up features as a key analogy of the thin line that appears between the underworld and the real world where Morpheus exists and where he introduces Neo to.

Because Morpheus is mythologically attached to sleep it is intriguing that the Morpheus that is feature prominently in the film is in touch with reality. In literal application, Morpheus implies one who shapes. For one to shape dreams he has to exist outside its boundaries hence be able to recognize them as dreams. This helps the viewers in discerning the character Morpheus in the film Matrix vis a vee the Roman Morpheus.

Film Studies ?

Activities of agent Smith especially when he is at the roof top are very similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s of the Terminator fame. This shows the film’s intertextuality. This shows that postmodern art is not founded in vacuum but is built from other arts and that represents real life. It is ironical that Matrix is all abut illusion versus reality. It is quite significant that the Matrix is all about salvation and redemption, atonement, and state of sinfulness.

Neo hides his money in disc form in a book called Simulacra and Simulation. The book is authored by postmodern theorist Jean Baudrillard. Jean contends in his book that the map precedes the territory (Baudrillard, 1994). He alludes that such images do become reality by themselves.

To him Gulf War was a virtual war comparable to video game displayed on monitors contrasted to real war that involve air raids and ground campaigns. This lends a lot to themes portrayed in the Matrix. The period within Neo starts featuring in the film is called Nihilism because during this period everything tends towards nothingness.

When Neo helps Troy with some money, Troy shows gratitude by saying the Neo is his Savior. He in fact tells Neo that he is his personal Jesus Christ. There are myriad Christian references made in the film. Troy and Neo engage in cyber crime known as hacking from where the virus Trojan horse associated with Greek Legend arise.

Similar popular cultures in other films

The theme of nature of reality and perception that features in the Matrix can also be found in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in the Wonderland. In fact the phrase follow the white rabbit is a direct reference from Alice in the Wonderland. Morpheus asks Neo how it feels following rabbit down the tunnel like Alice did. The situation in which Neo is in resembles Alice conversation with Tweedledee and Tweedledum. These twins tell Alice that she is in the Red Kings dream. The moment the king stops dreaming, Alice would be no more.

The theme of illusion versus reality that features prominently in the Matrix is also evident in the Terminator movies that highlighted atonement, salvation and redemption, and fallenness. Both the movies exhibit intertextuality.

Intertextual reference comes out in the Matrix when space horror film produced by Ridley Scott is borrowed from when a bug is planted in Neo’s stomach. It represents invasion of sin at various levels of human life. Despite the fact that sin is forgiven just like Jesus did at his crucifixion, its persistence implies Neo must be a malware to save the technological world from its mess.

Issues that emerge strongest

Issues of Christianity feature prominently feature in the film. Morpheus tells Neo that he has been looking for him. He asserts that he can actually guide him. Biblically, Morpheus can be thought to be the biblical Israel waiting the Messiah. In Christianity the crucifix is also known as a scaffold that is repeatedly talked about in the Matrix.. These words foreshadow the predicaments that Neo will face at the end of the movie. He dies to save ‘the world’ just like Jesus did.

Sociological and cultural concepts

Neo goes through a culture shock when he goes against the conventional rules in the society and is engulfed in new technological world, language, and culture. Elements of religion and metaphor are exhibited and one has to keep asking how modern day culture and religion converge in the matrix and how this movie connects to reality.

The viewer often asks whether “the one” is related to Christ and is capable of saving people from agents (Satan). The connection between the saved and the unplugged is shown. Hawethorne effect is shown when trinity suspects Neo has been bugged by the sentinels. The effect is exhibited when Sentinel changes her behavior because she suspects people watch and listen to her.

Reference List

Baudrillard, J. (1994). Simulacra and Simulation , translated by Sheila Faria

Glaser. Ann Arbor, Mi: University of Michigan Press.

“The Racial Contract” by Charles Mills Essay- by EduBirdie

Mills’ book explores the political philosophy of the social contract. “The Racial contract” was published at the end of the twentieth century, and it investigates the issue of racial relations in the world over 500 years. The book was considered controversial when it was first published.

Essay on “The Racial Contract” by Charles Mills

for only

However, the book has since become a useful tool in the study of political philosophy. The author explores several aspects of the social contract including Europe’s global domination, the relationship between whites and non-whites, the existence of full persons and non-persons, among Edubirdie other aspects. Using other existing philosophies, Mills shows how the racial contract has shaped the new world.

Mills’ philosophy is quite similar to both Marxist and Feminist based philosophies. According to Mills, philosophy is a discipline that is governed by its own set of “images, standard tropes, and classical scenes” (Mills 1).

When these aspects are merged with popular philosophical figures, they form a template that is synonymous with the philosophy discipline. This argument introduces the aspect of race in philosophy.

Philosophy is often considered a discipline of free thinkers who are not subject to racial and other vague inhibitions. However, Mills argues that just like in other academic disciplines, there are templates that shape philosophy.

The freethinking philosophers are guided by their interests as opposed to them delving into impersonal contemplations. Philosophy scholars find the likelihood of philosophers advancing ‘white-European interests’ unsettling.

However, a close analysis of some philosophers would validate this argument. Immanuel Kant and David Hume are some of the philosophers who have forwarded arguments that have elements of white supremacy.

Philosophy ?

Both of these philosophers believed that black people Reviews have inferior cognitive abilities. This means that racism is not essentially a preserve of the ignorant populous.

The academic elite of the postmodern era also perpetuates racism. The concept of ‘white philosophy’ seems outrageous but Mills’ argument is strong enough to validate it.

According to Mills, “racial contract is the central component of the social contract” (Mills 87). This means that racism is an inevitable component of global political and economic activities. The dominance of Europe in these two areas acts as proof of racial contract.

Given the elements of a racial contract are still ongoing, the current racial equality achievements are just a sham. The truth is that efforts towards equality are initiated to give the people of color a false sense of contentment, complacency, and security.

The current equality is also meant to make the people of color depend more on the white people who ‘spearhead’ the equality efforts. Most people consider this era to be post-racial. This implies that no racial barriers exist in the current world.

However, several events and scenarios cast doubt on this premise. For instance, when President Obama was running his first election campaign, the race issue was dominant.

During that time, people barely paid attention to his economic or foreign policies, but they were more fascinated with the idea of a ‘black president.’ If this were the post-racial era, the issue of skin color would not have been that prominent.

Moreover, there are those who feel that the election of a black president serves as a distraction to modern racial oppression. For example, cases of racial profiling by the police are still rampant; the only difference is that they do not get as much publicity as they used to in the Civil Rights era.

“The Racial Contract” intertwines the issue of race and political philosophy. The mode of analysis used by the author raises and answers very important questions. The author also addresses the turn taken by racial inequality convincingly.

Works cited

Mills, Charles. The Racial Contract , New York, NY: Cornell University Press, 1997. Print.