Reasons Why not to Get a Tattoo Argumentative Essay

Lots of people find tattoos rather interesting because they make human bodies more beautiful and make people unique. In fact, these people just do not want to see how many cons of this activity may be and truly believe that this little picture on their body will make them better.


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So, the vast majority of people prefer to make tattoos just because to attract someone’s attention and be interesting to someone else. However, to my mind, it is better to be beautiful inside and be able to communicate with people properly. In this case, tattoos will never be a cause of good communication and attractiveness.

This is why I cannot agree with my child, who is going to make a tattoo on her body. Of course, young people can find lots of pros in order to make a tattoo; however, it is crucially important to take into consideration rather significant cons of tattoos and think more than one time before making this little picture on your own body

First of all, all teenagers change their mind lots of times within a short period of time. Tattoos are the things, which stay with people for ever. It is crucially important to think so many times in order to be sure that the chosen picture or phrase will be in accordance with her taste during whole life.

For example, Johnny Depp made a tattoo that read “Winona Forever” in order to demonstrate his love to his girlfriend. However, with time, they broke up, and Johnny had to change it into “Wino Forever”. Of course, he is a celebrity and can allow numerous changing on his body with proper medical assistance. Me daughter will hardly spend so much money just in order to change one her mistake into another.

Can you imagine an 80-year old grandmother with a tattoo “I love Rock & Roll” on her hand? Hardly! And if you meet such a grandma, you will certainly smile a bit. This is why children have to think about their future and how they will look like in several years.

It is necessary to admit that my child is a teenage girl, who does not think about future job and career. However, she should know that tattoos may considerably influence her future career growth. Usually, people should have a proper appearance to visit this or that public place.


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Lots of establishments do not allow their employees to have tattoos. One my friend has a pretty tattoo on her shoulder; and her job is really serious. Well, she has to change her style of cloth and buy lots of blouses with long sleeves, so that her boss never notices this forbidden tattoo.

Of course, it should be remembered that tattoos may cause certain problems with skin. If a tattoo is done within inappropriate conditions, it is quite possible to get some disease or infection. It is better to remind her that, one day, she will become a mom, and some problems with skin should not bother her and her future child.

So, is it so crucially important to make a tattoo, when you are so young? Maybe, it is better to make some temporary tattoo that can be removed with time. Even more, in order to ensure my girl that she can allow certain things, I will promise to provide her with the necessary financial help to make a temporary tattoo and even buy her another pair of shoes that will suit her new temporary tattoo.

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