Greece can raise taxes on gambling

In Greece, the legislation in the field of gambling were again revised. New licensees market they will most likely not come to taste.

 Ministry of Development and Investment Greece sent the final draft of changes to the rules relating to the work of the gambling industry in the country, to Parliament. According to preliminary data, the document is largely different from the previous year developments.

 Under the new rules, the license for the provision of services online betting operator cost of € 3 million, which is 1 million less than expected. But the cost of permits for online casinos or poker rooms on the web will be € 2 million. The price is twice stated in the past year. Gaming Licenses will be issued for a period of seven years. If desired, companies can update the permissions of the declared value, in the case of an application for extension will be sent one year before the expiry of the main license.

 Despite the fact that direct tax rules have not been changed, and the rate is still fixed at 35%, have been changed corporate tax rules. Henceforth, the mandatory contribution rate will be applied to additional third of revenues gambling companies.

 Online operators are obliged to work, using .gr domain, and locate their servers in the country. In addition, the Greek gaming regulator must have access to them. In case you wish to verify the gambling commission the operation of a gambling company, it is mandatory data storage for over 10 years.

 Operators banned domains were blacklisted during the last year, lose the right to receive a Greek license.

 24 companies to which the temporary license was issued in 2011, will be able to provide their services to the March 31, 2020.

 Subjects affiliate marketing, collaborating with online licensees are obliged to register with the gaming controller. cost of the procedure -. € 1 thousand licensees will not be allowed to implement marketing campaigns, focused on Greek consumers if their partner is not registered with the regulator.

 It is not known whether the revised rules articulated above, both in principle and whether the company will wait for their implementation. The fact that the Greek authorities for more than 10 years, threatening to produce serious audit-gambling legislation.

 Recall that due to the lottery in Greece, a new millionaire.

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